I have known Steve Belmonte since he was the President of Ramada Franchise Systems. His understanding of our business from operations to franchise negotiations is second to none. His word is his bond. His no nonsense, straight forward approach is both refreshing and comforting.

Joe Epstein

With great confidence, I would like to offer my professional recommendation of Steve Belmonte. I have known Steve professionally for more than 40 years. He has always had his finger on the pulse — developing innovative ways the hospitality industry could be served by a service or product, and navigating above the benchmark with insightful vision for the future. I have and will continue to place my trust in Steve’s abilities to deliver on his promise and to make everything he touches better.

Robert J. Cataldo

I have known Steve Belmonte for over 30 years. He has helped me out many times. Steve is the most honorable person I have ever known. If Steve tells you he can do something for you, there is no question that he will get it done and in a timely manner. There are not enough words that can describe Steve: he is business smart, you can count on him when he is working for you and I do not know anyone who is more honest or sincere.

Morris Lasky

Steve possesses a very strong interest in the clients he deals with and his strong recommendations and input always has a powerful quality effect on the end result of what a client aims to achieve. Steve doesn’t take lightly his responsibility of dealing with a client, but a client is most fortunate because Steve’s keen interest in a client’s success is never-ending. His follow-through is so diligent that it is unheard of in the industry, there are certainly none better. People that work with this gentleman are fortunate to have his guidance and experience, he is so highly-qualified, coupled with sincerity and being result-oriented.

Robert Leslie

Over the close to two decades that I have known and worked with Steve, he has continually proven himself to be a true and dedicated hospitality industry leader. His experience and knowledge make him an invaluable resource.

Jonathan Tisch

I have known Steve Belmonte for over 30 years. I have admired him as an executive, a manager and a human being. He generates results and he generates confidence and he does it with unusual passion.

Mike Leven

Vimana and the Key West brand is the best deal out there. They provide great support and a great reservation system all at a very low cost. I am very happy I chose to be a part of Key West Inns.

BK Patel

We have never been treated better by any franchise company. The reservations and results have far exceeded our expectation. Changing over to the Centerstone flag was the best decision we ever made.

Michelle & Myron Salz

“Vimana is truly the most franchise friendly company we have done business with. It has the lowest fee structure, great deal terms, short-term agreements plus all the great features of the big franchise companies including the world’s best reservation system, Sabre. We are very pleased with our involvement.”

Rick & Rikesh Patel